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Дискотека 80-х
1. Joy-Touch Me My Dear Joy And Tears 1986
2. Julian - Straight To My Heart
3. Modern Talking - Blinded By Your Love
4. Modern Talking-Why Does It Feel So Good 80s Remix
5. Mandy Smith-Got To Be Certain
6. Princess-After The Love Has Gone
7. Jurgen Drews-Ti Amo
8. Modern Talking-Brother Louie special long version
9. Bernie Paul-Attenzione! Go Go Radio
10. Arabesque-Sunrise In Your Eyes VIII 1983
11. Ottawan-Hands Up
12. Ricky Shayne-Once I m Gonna Stay Forever
13. Les McKeown-Nobody Makes Me Crazy like you do]
14. italo disco FRANCESCO NAPOLI-Arrivideici Roma
15. Gina T - In my fantasy 12 version
16. Engelbert Humperdink - Dancing with tears in my eyes
17. Rocky M-An Angel Passed My Way
18. The Hurricanes-Only one night
19. Frank Duval-Touch My Soul To Sai Baba
20. Dave Merlin-Electric Nights
21. Sheree-Ronnie Talk To Russia
22. Lian Ross-You're My Heart, You're My Soul Dance Mix
23. Baby s Gang-Jamin
24. ditalo disco PATTY RYAN-I Don't Wanna Lose You
25. Sabrina – All Of Me
26. Patty Ryan-Chinese Eyes
27. Grant Miller-Doctor For My Heart
28. Sandy Marton-Merry Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year
29. Grant Miller-Wings of love
30. Bad Boys Blue-Dance The Night Away
31. MIKE MAREEN-Double Trouble Double Dub
32. Beagle Music Ltd-Daydream Extended Original Version
33. Riccardo Campa-Desperado
34. Joey Moon-Angelica 1983
35. ROGER MENO - I Find The Way
36. Chris Norman - Some Hearts Are Diamonds
37. Alberto D Arco-Dai Dai Dai Dolce Vita
38. Xanadu-Der Himmel brennt
39. Saphir-Storms Of Love Perfect Combination, 1986
40. Xanadu-Hast Du alles schon vergessen
41. Kieu Nga-Trong Mat Em In Your Eyes
42. Roy Black – Радио СатурнFM Bella Bella Marie
43. Die Wildecker Herzbuben-Herzilein
44. A la Carte-You get me on the run
45. TANAY-Just One More Night Rare Disco
46. Davy James-Dream baby
47. Pet Shop Boys - Always On My Mind In My House
48. Michael Mc Clay-Heart To Heart
49. Rex Gildo-2. Und Wenn Ein Neuer Tag Erwacht
50. Pet Shop Boys - So Hard
51. Dieter Bohlen Mark Medlock-Real Love Deep In My Heart Mix
52. Dieter Bohlen-I m Lost Without Your Love 80 s remix
53. Bonnie Tyler-Born To Be A Winner
54. Al Martino-Lisa's Heart
55. Engelbert Humperdinck-I Wanna Rock You In My Wildest Dreams
56. Amazone-Gino Gino 1986
57. GIULIANO-I Love You 1985 Rare Italo Disco
58. Roy Black-Holiday
59. Fancy-Lady Of Ice
60. Five Star-Rain or Shine
61. Rocky M-Fly With Me To Wonderland
62. Billy Ocean-Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car
63. Luis Miguel – Noi ragazzi di oggi
64. Albano Romina Power – Nostalgia Canaglia
65. Albano Romina Power – Sempre, Sempre
66. Boys Next Door – I WILL FOLLOW YOU
67. Billy Ocean-Loverboy
68. Albano Romina Power – Makassar
69. Modern Talking - Megamix by dj Fox 86
70. Mary Roos – Julian
71. Eddy Huntington – Up Down Real Disco Drive of 80
72. Stag – Its The Money 1988
73. Neoton Familia – I Love You
74. Michael Jackson – The Way You Make Me Feel 1988
75. Andreas Martin – Du Und Ich
76. Barry Lane –Warning
77. Oliver Simon – Spring Snowman Backvocals Rolf, Detlef, Michael
78. Silent Circle-Dreams
79. Oliver Simon –Endless Love Backvocals Rolf, Detlef, Michael
80. Savage –Fugitive
81. Sandra--Celebrate You Life
82. Arabesque--Jindle Jangle Joe
83. Boo Who – Angie Cries 1986г
84. Niagara - Soleil D'hiver
86. Smokie Chris Norman – Young Hearts
87. London Boys--Kimbaley
88. Trans X--Ich Liebe Dich
89. Sandy Wilson--Gimme Your Love
90. Julian--Oh Mi Amor
91. Bue System--Call Me Dr Love
92. Bangles-Manic Monday
93. Alexis-First Night Of Love
94. Engelbert - Sentimental Lady
95. Roy Black - Kein Morgan
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